About Us


To provide the complete Information Technology (IT) Support and Services. From the very simple service to the most complicated services. To guide our Client regarding IT issues, and provide them best support. To build long-term relationship to our client, and make sure they understand what they can achieve when they appoint us as their IT support.



To be the best IT Support and Services company in Malaysia that can support the small and medium company. What we try to achieve, to be total IT solution and to be the most competitive IT support in Malaysia. To be the most convenient, fastest, and easiest, even the boy 12 years old can make a call to us, and provide enough information to us to solve the IT problem.



Founded by Muhamad Hafiz bin Muhamad Dasuki at Ijok. Before he is working at some company that provide IT support and service. And after that he move to the company that provide IT goods for sell and repair. He realize that many small company do not have IT support and most of them do not know how to manage their IT asset and also do not know the potential for the business with the IT support. Therefore, he commitment himself to build up his company to provide the best IT support that can support small and medium business at low cost. He also found many of his new client always have nonpermanent IT support which always come and go which will interrupt the client business. Therefore what he want is his company to provide long-term support for his client and promise even after 10 years, our company still there to support small and medium business.


Skill and Service:

We can support company that have 1 worker, to the company that have more than 1 thousand worker. We are very talented to solve the latest issues and risks that appear in It field. We also have skill to manage our client worker, so they do what they need to do with their IT devices, so our client worker will work for efficiently. We also can manage networking, backup data and talk to the accounting company regarding our client IT issues. We can manage server, workstation, remote from outside and even make the website with email for our client. All the data will be kept private and confidential. With our good IT support, our client can concentrate with their business without worrying about their mess data.


Headquarters and coverage area:

Our headquarters is in Simpang Tiga Ijok, batang berjuntai. At the moment, we caover whole Klang valley area, including Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.


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